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Active* Members Directory (Adding & Updating in Progress)
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Name (email)StyleDegreeCity,State
Tim Baker PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo 8th Memphis, TN USA
Licesio Blanco Cerios Kenpo Karate & TangSooDo 7th Leon, Spain
Scott Bland TaeKwonDo 1st Cleveland, TX USA
James Blasingame TaeKwonDo Victorville, CA USA
Jennifer Bonapart PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo 3rd Memphis, TN USA
Robin Boss ShinSotSu Karate Do 6th Nova Scotia, Canada
Matt Brigson TaeKwonDo 2nd Holmen, WI USA
Raymond Briscoe Jr Shotokan Karate 8th Memphis, TN USA
Arjan Brouwer KongSooDo KwonBup 1st Enschede, Netherlands
Jan M. Brown TaeKwonDo / Hapkido 7th West Point, NY USA
Charles D. Buckner WTMAA Miles City, MT USA
William Burrell Ninjutsu 3rd Islip Terrace, NY USA
Carlos Butler TangSooDo/MooDukKwan 7th Buffalo, NY USA
*Registered/Promoted students in WBBB or achieved his/her own promotion in WBBB or joined WBBB during last 12 months
or renewed yearly.   Lifetime members who joined prior to 2013 are not necessarily Active members
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