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Active* Members Directory (Adding & Updating in Progress)
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Name (email)StyleDegreeCity,State
Jack Dawson PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo 8th Somerville, TN
Angela de Jong PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo Memphis, TN USA
Frederick DeCubellis UechiRyu Karate-Do 5th East Putnam, CT USA
David Denton PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo 7th Blytheville, AR USA
Marco Dondi Tanto Jutsu 3rd Cassolnovo, Italy
Matthew Dowds PaSaRyu TaeKwonDo 3rd Mosinee, WI USA
Joe Duckworth JWD MMA 5th Austin, TX USA
Joe Duckworth JWD MMA 5th Austin, TX USA
*Registered/Promoted students in WBBB or achieved his/her own promotion in WBBB or joined WBBB during last 12 months
or renewed yearly.   Lifetime members who joined prior to 2013 are not necessarily Active members
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