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Adult Training

While the ability to defend against a physical attack is important, defense against stress and its effects is of greater importance. Training with Kang Rhee is an excellent means of stress management because it challenges and expands the mind while providing a heart-strengthening workout, all in an enthusiastic and exciting environment. It channels negative or unfocused energy into positive power.

Kang Rhee incorporates Karate, TaeKwonDo, and Kung-Fu to create PaSaRyu which is appropriate for all body styles and structures. The physical workout strengthens and elongates the musculature as coordination enhances manual dexterity. Opening the mind and body to new experiences improves attitude, increases concentration skills, and develops leadership ability.

Adult classes are offered during both evening and daytime hours. Adults are allowed to attend and participate in children's classes.


PaSaRyu Headquarters & WBBB
3217 Lucibill Road • Memphis, TN 38116 • USA

‪(901) 757-5000‬ • go@worldBBB.com