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A Black Belt Is for Life.

Master Rhee's style of Karate and Martial Arts encompasses the PaSaRyu system. PaSaRyu teaches the constant improvement and refinement of technique, and the development of the total person. Therefore, it is a contemporary martial art style combining both traditional and modern applications. This combination of karate strikes, taekwondo techniques, and kung fu movements makes it beneficial and appropriate for all martial artists.

Our style teaches logical techniques. Emphasis is placed on the movements being big, deep and natural. The technique flows combining soft and hard, slow and fast actions, accentuated by hesitation. This artistic approach creates a unique contrast and a dynamic style of martial art.

Our style teaches the importance of being a total martial artist and produces many qualified, dedicated instructors. These instructors aspire to perfection and through them, PaSaRyu will spread throughout the world.

Basic techniques, sparring, weapons techniques, and katas are taught.

Katas, or forms, are a series of movements and techniques designed to imitate a fight. The one performing the kata should always perform it as if they were fighting an imaginary opponent. Katas help to improve balance and hand-eye coordination among other things. There are currently 25 different katas in the PaSaRyu system which are listed below. These katas are considered very important within the PaSaRyu system as students learn one or more new katas with each newly earned rank.

White Belt Kata - PaSaRyu Il Dan
Yellow Belt Kata - PaSaRyu Ee Dan
Green Belt Kata - PaSaRyu Sah Dan
Blue Belt Kata - PaSaRyu No Pae
Purple Belt Kata - PaSaRyu Jin Soo
Brown Belt Katas - PaSaRyu Il Soo and Bal Sae So
Brown Belt Instructor Katas - Chil Bo and Am Hak
Red Belt Katas - ChulKi Il Dan, Ship Soo, and Dan Kwon Cong Bahng
1st Degree Black Belt Katas - ChulKi Ee Dan, YunBi, and Kong Sahn Kun
2nd Degree Black Belt Katas - ChulKi Sahm Dan, Choong Moo, and Chang Kwon Cong Bahng
3rd Degree Black Belt Katas - Jah Un, KanKu Sho, and Pah Ki Kwon Cong Bahng
4th Degree Black Belt Katas - Toe Jo Sahn and Tae Jo Kwon
5th Degree Black Belt Katas - PaSaKwon and Tae Kuk Kwo




PaSaRyu Headquarters & WBBB
3217 Lucibill Road • Memphis, TN 38116 • USA

‪(901) 757-5000‬ • go@worldBBB.com