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Children Training

The most important thing for parents to consider when choosing a martial arts school is to understand that a child's martial arts instructor can be one of the most influential people in a child's life. Parents should choose an instructor who will reinforce the values that are being taught in the home and set a good, stable example for the child. The quality of the instructor is much more important than the style of martial arts practiced.

While parents understand the obvious benefits of their children being able to defend themselves, many assume that strict discipline will be enforced in the classes and that by being in a disciplined environment, children will learn to be more disciplined outside the martial art. Kang Rhee employs a different theory. He stresses true self-discipline rather than imposed discipline which necessitates a more patient approach.

Several "tools" are used to accomplish this goal including positive motivation. Positive motivation (praising/rewarding good behavior while avoiding criticism whenever possible) builds true confidence without arrogance. This confidence affords the child the courage to try something new/different without fear of failure. Kang Rhee also employs the use of setting short and long term goals, demonstrating to the child that a goal can be accomplished with hard work, determination, and proper planning.

Kang Rhee uses the child's fascination with the martial arts techniques to capture the child's attention and expand the child's attention span. An expanded attention span allows the child to learn to focus his/her mental energy, thus absorbing and retaining more knowledge. This ability to focus naturally results in self-discipline and ultimately translates into other areas such as school work.

Parents often question the value of sparring (controlled fighting).

Sparring is a useful tool teaching timing, balance, application and dexterity; however, it is most valuable as a controlled opportunity for an individual to learn to recognize and control the effects of adrenaline, which is one of the most powerful endocrine substances created within the human body. The ability to control adrenaline generated responses is paramount to self-control and self-discipline. No one should ever be forced to spar; however, when interest is expressed it should be encouraged. For safety, all participants must wear proper protective equipment.

Classes for children are offered every evening during the week and on Saturdays.


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